Welcome to your home community.

What is Bonfire Brigade?

Bonfire Brigade is a community where everyone can get together to create friendships and form bonds. Bonfire Brigade strives to create a safe, fun, and relaxing environment where everyone from whatever background of life can feel at home. Ages 18+ only.

What do we offer?

18+ Only Area

100% guarantee that you're talking to other adults and also get some perks for verifying in Bonfire Brigade.

Gamers-Only Area

Area for gaming talks and late night calls. Over 130 different game channels to choose from and converse in.

The Studio Room

Got the next biggest hit that your working on and want to share it around? Bonfire Brigade has a place for that.

Custom Channels

All 18+ Verified individuals gain access to create custom voice channels with full control. Name it and chat.

Custom Roles

50+ self-assignable roles so you can customize as much as you want and truly be who you want to be.

Counting Channel

From the dawn of Discord's days, counting was an illustrious pastime for many individuals. We've got one too.

24/7 Radio

4 constant music streams right in your discord client all day and all night. Special holiday radio sessions too.

Exclusive Emotes

With 22 carefully crafted emotes, the Haco Collection is an ongoing project with more emotes being added.


Giveaways unlock at level 5. They could range from Discord Nitro all the way to a brand new game. You could be a winner.

Spotify Mega Mixes

Here at Bonfire Brigade, we aim to provide ease-of-life solutions. One of those being the problem of playlists. Too often are you looking for a playlist only to have it be able to run for 3-4 hours. Not with our mega mixes. Each mix is carefully crafted with at least 1,500 songs in each amounting to 80+ hours of playback. That's more than enough to get you through an entire weekend running 24/7. Check out our first mix and be transported over to the islands of Hawai'i!